The quality of raw material is necessary to guarantee a good product: that also applies to our scissors, so  the following text gives you some information about Steel,  the raw material from which our products come to life.

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon that gives flexibility, workability and strength.

Steel has a crystalline structure which means tha has molecules arranged in a regular way.

When heated, steel must be quickly cooled with oil or water but in this way are formed little fractures and imperfections, so it needs  to be heated again ( at lower temperatures) to fix these small fractures.These processes are called hardening and tempering?.


As about stainless steel, the term stainless is not the real nature of this materials, because they are “oxidisable”, but they can “auto passive themselves” that means that  they can covered themselves by invisible oxides (thanks to the presence of chrome) that preserve the metal from oxidation.

Stainless steel is resistant to oxidation and to high temperature.

For our nickel-plated scissor we use C50 carbon steel, perfect for this product, and for stainless steel scissors we use steel AISI420 (American Iron and Steel Institute), excellent raw material for inox scissors.

In addition to most technologically advanced machinery  we preserve the old-fashioned manpower by expert artisans for final touches and testing: for us artisan’ ability is a precious commodity that has to be preserved and passed down.